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Specials of the week
butterfly Grove Market butterfly
Home of the Monarch
242 Forest Ave Pacific Grove, Ca. 93950
Phone (831) 375-9581 or Fax (831) 375-1431

Prices Good Thru November 29th
our family
Family owned since 1969
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Stock up & Save with this week’s specials

Campbell's Cream of Chic & Mushroom- $1.19/ea
Bumble Bee light Tuna 5oz- .99c/ea
Chex cereal - 2/$5.00
Martinelli sparkling Apple juice 25oz- $1.99+crv
Starbucks Coffee & K cups- $7.99/ea
C&H 1lb powdered & Brown sugar- .99c/ea
G.M. Flour 5lb- $2.19/ea
Pam cooking spray 5-6oz- $2.99/ea

B.C.Potato buds- $1.79/ea

Chinet plates & bowls- 2/$5.00

O.S. Cranberry sauce 14oz- $1.49/ea
S&W Tomatoes 14.5oz-$1.19/ea
Campbell's gravies 10.5oz- .69c/ea
French Fried Onions 6oz- $2.99/ea
McCormick gravies packets- .69-.99c/ea
Reynold's wrap 50 & 75ft- $3.99/ea
Knudsen Sour cream pints- $1.49/ea
Claussen pickles
- $2.99/ea
Kraft cream cheese 8oz brick- $1.49/ea
Reddi Whip topping- $2.49/ea

bird Frozen Foods penguin
Cool Whip 8oz
Best Yet Chopped Spinach 10oz
Pet Deep dish pie crusts
Edward's pies
Farm Fresh Organic Produce since 1969
Small Artichoke
Large Artichokes


Red Beets
Red Creamer potatoes


Butter 1lb

Thank you for shopping, We appreciate your business
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