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Specials of the week
butterfly Grove Market butterfly
Home of the Monarch
242 Forest Ave Pacific Grove, Ca. 93950
Phone (831) 375-9581 or Fax (831) 375-1431

Prices Good Thru September 6th
our family
Family owned since 1969
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Stock up & Save with this week’s specials

Kellogg's Raisin Bran & Crunch- $3.49/ea
Post Great Grains & Honey bunches- $3.49/ea
Arrowhead sparkling water 1lt- .89+crv
Star olive oil 25oz- $8.99/ea
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce- $1.69/ea
Classico Alfredo sauce- $1.99/ea
Jif Peanut Butter- $2.49/ea
B.C. Brownie mix- $1.39/ea

B.C. Scalloped & AuGratin potatoes- .99c/ea
Bounce sheets 80ct- $3.99/ea
Morton Sea salt & Kosher salt-$1.99/ea
Ortega Taco & Tostada shells- $1.69/ea
Maruchan instant lunch- 3/$1.00
Spam- $2.99/ea
Best Yet Grated parmesan cheese 8oz- $3.49/ea

Country Crock 15oz- $1.99/ea

birdFrozen Foods penguin

Lean Cuisine Your choice $2.25/ea
Lemon, Orange, Sweet & Sour, or Peanut Chicken,
Salmon, Turkey, Meatloaf, Butternut Ravioli, & Stir-Fry
Farm Fresh Organic Produce since 1969
Crookneck squash
Granny Smith Apples
Organic Spring mix
Bartlett Pears

Clover Organic
1/2 gal Milk

Thank you for shopping, We appreciate your business
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