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Specials of the week
butterfly Grove Market butterfly
Home of the Monarch
242 Forest Ave Pacific Grove, Ca. 93950
Phone (831) 375-9581 or Fax (831) 375-1431

Prices Good Thru October 25th
our family
Family owned since 1969
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Stock up & Save with this week’s specials

Rice a Roni & Pasta roni- .99c/ea
Cheerios 12oz - $2.49/ea
Nestle's morsels 11 & 12oz- 2/$5.00
Progresso soups (reg. $3.33) now $1.69/ea
B.C.cookie mixes pouches- $1.99/ea
Bumble bee solid white tuna- $1.79/ea
Knott's preserves 16oz- $2.69/ea
Solo cups 30ct & 40ct- $2.99/ea

Kraft Mac & cheese 7.25oz- .99c/ea
Star olive oil 25oz- $7.99/ea
Tabasco sauce 5oz- $2.99/ea
Best Yet shredded cheese 8oz- 2/$4.00
Kraft singles 12oz- $2.99/ea
Crescent rolls & cinnamon rolls
- 2/$4.00
Tillamook bar cheese 8oz- $2.99/ea
Yoplait yogurt regular or light- 5/$3.00

bird Frozen Foods penguin
Edward's Pies
Turtle or key lime
Hilary's Eat well Veggie burger
Veggie or Adzuki bean
Smart ones
Farm Fresh Organic Produce since 1969
Red or Yellow
Sweet onions
Organic Carrots
Hachiya or Fuyu
1/2 & 1/2


Thank you for shopping, We appreciate your business
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