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Home of the Monarch
242 Forest Ave Pacific Grove, Ca. 93950
Phone (831) 375-9581 or Fax (831) 375-1431

Prices Good Thru September 20th
our family
Family owned since 1969
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Stock up & Save with this week’s specials

Quaker Life cereal 18z- $2.99/ea
Yummy Earth Fruit snacks-

Barilla pasta- $1.19/ea
Best Yet apple juice & cider 64z- $1.99/ea
Clorox bleach 64z - $1.99//ea
G.M. Flour 5lb regular & unbleached- $1.99/ea
Ragu & Newman's pasta sauce- $1.99/ea
Arm & Hammer detergent 50z - $3.99/ea
Bernstein's salad dressing 14z- $2.99/ea Newman's 16z salad dressing- $2.99/ea

G.M Fiber 1 cereal- $2.99/ea
Bumble Bee solid white tuna - $1.69/ea
Cream of Wheat cereal 28oz -$2.49/ea
Folger's classic 27.8z- $10.99/ea
Folger's French roast 33.9z- $10.99/ea
Redenbacher micro popcorn- $1.99/ea
Pam Spray 5 & 6oz- $2.69/ea
Star Olive oil 44oz- $14.99/ea

Newman's Lemonade 59oz- $1.75/ea

birdFrozen Foods penguin
Dr. Praeger's Spinach pancakes
Dr. Preager's Fish fillets
Farm Fresh Organic Produce since 1969
Black Figs
Crenshaw Melons
Pippin Apples

Clover Organic
1/2 gal Milk

Thank you for shopping, We appreciate your business
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